Friends of Vatnajökull

Apply for grant

It is required that the overall financing of the project or the project part, which a grant is applied for, is secure.

Prime consideration will be given to the research and/or educational and/or promotional value of the project upon assessment of applications.

Upon determination of the grant award it will be taken into account whether estimates of cost, financing and progress of the project can be considered realistic.

Important points to bear in mind:
  1. It is necessary to keep the length of the application in moderation. An application for smaller projects does not need to be as extensive as an application for larger projects.
  2. It is necessary to follow the above instructions.
  3. If an application is not processed in accordance with the instructions above and important information is missing, the application will be denied without an opportunity for applicants to send in corrections after the application deadline has expired.
  4. An opportunity will not be awarded for project managers to appear before the board or expertise council to further explain the project.
  5. The application will be assessed solely on the basis of the data delivered

Grant Application

Must be descriptive

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Its objective is to raise funds to support research, promotion and education in the national park area and thus contribute to most people can enjoy nature and history of the Vatnajökull National Park.